Often, self-care is thought of as a luxury and not a necessity. As a wife and mother of four daughters and twin boys, it was not always at the top of my list. When my health started to take a path I was not willing to travel, I realized this little caterpillar needed a different plan, it was necessary in order to survive! Buttered by K-Luxe was the dawning of my transformation.


With thorough research, heaps of patience, endless tests, and a splash of laughter to fuel us ahead, we have lovingly crafted premier skincare products that will delight your senses and hydrate your skin like no other!   Ever conscious of what we allow into our bodies, our products utilize natural, organic, ethically sourced ingredients and are never tested on animals. As we infuse love in each small batch whipped to perfection, we invite you to experience the transformation self-care can bring. We at Buttered by K-Luxe are excited and honored to be part of your self-love journey!

"Are you ready to experience the K-Luxe touch and embark on the radical self-love journey you deserve?"

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